Dominican Nutmeg

Somehow the words Mmmmmm… and Nut-mmmmm-eg, just seem to go hand in hand. It is a heady, warm, and fragrant spice that grows on many islands in the Caribbean.  This is what real nutmeg looks like. Forget the ground, store-bought nutmeg. This is the only way to go!  The three in this picture are from Dominica –another island in the Caribbean archipelago.

The lacy reddish bands that surround the exterior coating are yet another spice called “mace”.  If you look closely, you can see the impressions the mace carved onto the surface of the hardened nut. Gorgeous natural etchings!

Nutmeg is the only known tropical fruit (yes, nutmeg is a fruit) that is the source of two different spices. How could you not love a spice that is essentially a two for one! I doubt you’ll find Dominican nutmeg on the Mainland/States, but as long as you use the whole nutmeg and grate it fresh each time yourself, the flavor will still be pretty wonderful. Nutmeg is truly one of my favorite spices. And it is a trace ingredient in practically every sweet dessert and some savory dishes I make. Mmmmmm… nutmeg!

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