Papaya Perfection


The papaya is probably the most perfect fruit! Look at that perfect star nature gave it, as some kind of natural approval of its importance. It grows easily in the island sun, and its scent just tempts you to find something wonderful to do with it. The local birds love it too. On the island, it is a huge competition between man and beast, as to who will get the first bite (or peck) of this sweet fruit! In the day time the Thrush Bird attacks, and at night the Fruit Bats take their turn. Its the lucky person who can harvest it at just the right moment!

Papaya is a very versatile fruit, making for the best morning smoothies with its potent enzymatic make-up. It is also a great addition for tenderizing tough pieces of meat. No more meat tenderizers for me! Marinate with some papaya, and it really helps to soften even the most resistant cuts. Not quite falling off the bone soft, but a really close second!

Some people even think that chewing a few of the seeds can aid in digestion and calm an upset stomach! Or simply pair it with some other island flavors and make a fantastic, yet simple, fruit salad.

Anyway you look at it, papaya will shine through as a bright flavor beacon! Try some!

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