Contessa Tip #8

Become curious about food! Not just the ones you know and love, but the full spectrum of flavor. One of the things I enjoy doing is going down an isle in the grocery store that I would usually not browse. The other day, I found myself in the “Middle Eastern” isle at our local grocery store. Flavors like rosewater, pomegranate molasses, shwama, and zatar, all jumped off the shelf competing for my attention. I have never worked with some of those flavors, but decided to buy a bottle of zatar. It is a type of thyme. Try something new! The kitchen will reward your effort and your curiosity!

One thought on “Contessa Tip #8

  1. Hey you, just saw this. OK for a real taste treat try za’atar sprinkled over oilve oil that’s been spread on pita bread (which in keeping with za’atar should be khobz – kh is like the German H) Toast that lightly. It’s a delicious breakfast treat called manaqish ( manaeesh) Alternatively tear off pieces of pita, dip in olive oil and then in za’atar. saHtein! Oh I coul jus seh ninyam.

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