Carambola or Star Fruit

I can remember the exact moment when, my cousin Gloria introduced me to the Carambola fruit as a teenager. I had lived on the island my entire young adult life, and had never seen or tasted anything like it. Its clear star shape made it look almost otherworldly. As if it was too intentional that this was the specific design of a piece of fruit.

Carambola tastes something like the mellowest white grape you have ever had. Rich in Vitamin C, and bursting with juicy flavor. There is a definite reason the Carambola is also called the Star Fruit. Nature somehow reminds us of those things that are just downright good for us. In the case of the Carambola, it received a true perfect star to compliment its celestial taste!

I use it to make Carambola juice, or as one of a cast of flavor characters in my Crucian Sangria! There are many ways you can use this star-wonder fruit. But as with most things simplest is best.

A cold Carambola on a hot tropical day is simply divine! Try one! Or two! Or….

6 thoughts on “Carambola or Star Fruit

  1. This is a special fruit indeed. I remember my mom express mailing about 10 star fruit to me in college. My roommates were amazed at the fancy shape and fantastic flavor.

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