Sugar Apples

There are times in food blogging, where I would just like to show a series of pictures with absolutely no words, because the natural beauty of the food speaks for itself. This is the case with this post on Sugar Apples!

White, grey, purple, green, brown, and sable, are all the colors that bundle themselves tightly up in this juicy, pulpy, fruit. Sugar Apple is a staple treat on the island. Entire calypso songs have been sung celebrating this fruit!Β 

Β The first thing that greets you when you open a sugar apple is the scent. It is such a mild, peppery-clean, and sugary-warm aroma. I would honestly buy anyone’s perfume that was made entirely from this fruit. The first taste you get is a very subtle mellowed sweetness. Smooth caramel undertones that suspend the fruit’s seeds in a soft, edible, cotton-like sac. Sugar Apple really defies description.

This is one you will simply have to come down to the island and taste for yourself. Are you packing yet?!

8 thoughts on “Sugar Apples

  1. OMG! I dont believe I have had a sugar apple in years πŸ™ its a shame. I feel like packing my bags!
    Thank you, by reading the blogs and seeing the pictures of such passion for our native foods, it makes me feel a little closer to St. Croix.

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