Contessa Tip #13


There are times when impatience holds my hand in the kitchen. Especially, when I am in the mood to make a cake, but I don’t feel like waiting for the ingredients to come to room temperature in order to begin. This is a key step since it helps to increase the volume of the cake. So, my quick shortcut is to put the eggs in a bowl of lukewarm tap water and leave them there for about five minutes. The water should not be so hot that it starts to cook the eggs. And for the butter, I whip out the box grater and shave it. This also helps if I am in a hurry. Waiting to let the eggs warm naturally is always best, but this is a good in a hurry time saver. Time is your best friend in the kitchen, but sometimes a good short cut is even better!


2 thoughts on “Contessa Tip #13

  1. I grew up in F’sted and looking a some of the best cooks was one of my favorite pastimes. (Threana Henry, Eugenie Jackson, Fancine. I also learned to cook Puerto Rican food
    I learned lots of tips. One is that when you
    are cooking crab and rice put a little bit of salt fish in it. My brother and I grow P, Rican sweet peppers which are essential for certain dishes (potato stuffing).
    I can’t wait to read your blog

    1. Thanks for making me crave Crab and Rice, Star! 🙂 I hope you enjoy the blog, and share it! It is just my way of highlighting what we can grow and cook and make here on the island. You’ll find some traditional favorites and some local creations from foods we grow on island. I love sharing what I create in my kitchen! I hope you enjoy it too! 🙂

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