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Mango Rum

I’ve been very impressed with the work being done on the island by not one but two of the local rum factories. Rum has been an important part of our history and the history of many other islands throughout the Caribbean. The entire economic system of the Caribbean was built on the production of sugar and all it’s derivatives. Sugar was king, and its byproduct molasses created a booming trade based on rum. Shamefully, it was also one of the primary reasons for the slave trade throughout the Americas. Rum is an elixir created by the sweetness of the earth and the sadness of history. Yes, a powerful brew indeed.

Here on the island, rum is a part of many celebratory pairings–rum Cake, rum raisin, even the classic rum and coke. There is nothing more flavorful or prevalent than rum! This recipe calls on that quintessential Caribbean flavor and at the same time takes advantage of summer’s favorite fruit flavor–the MANGO!

With all the flavored rums making their way to market, I wanted to try my hand at enhancing those flavors with fresh in season fruits. Right now the passion fruit and the mangoes are bursting off the trees. But I promised no more passion fruit for at least the next two posts (this counts as one). So, here comes the flavor of mangoes on the vehicle of a good solid White Rum. It is a great way to use up the entire mango since it relies on the use of the  mango-covered seed.


3 Mangoes

3 Cups of White Rum (I prefer Cruzan White)

Mango 2

Peel and clean the mangoes, leaving only the seed covered with the remaining mango flesh. Use the pulp in other recipes like Mango Salsa.

In a clean large mouthed mason jar drop in the seeds, I used about four,  and pour in enough rum to cover them. Based on the jar I used it only took about three cups.

Tightly wrap the lid, shake vigorously, and place in the refrigerator for about three to five days.

When ready take a fine sieve, remove the seeds, and pour the rum through the sieve to take out any pulp, leaving just the pure essence of the mango rum.

I keep mine refrigerated to savor it cold on a hot summer day!

Serve it over ice with a splash of club soda, maybe a mango mojito, or whatever creations you concoct with this rum-fruit infusion.


Final Mango Rum

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