Hubby Honey Collections

One of the many reasons I adore my husband is his love of all things nature. He is a wild man. If I’m looking for him around the house and can’t find him, Iย  give a shout to the four trade winds and he answers with his hands in the dirt planting, pruning, or growing something! Lately, he has taken on a love of bees. He’s a true novice, but he learns so quickly! This week, he took offย  to help a friend who called him to clear a wild hive. The reward was this beautiful sample of raw Crucian honey! Oh…Dear…Lord. Yes, each word needed to be said separately. An ethereal lightness matched by a sunshine citrus brightness. I have no idea what these bees were gnoshing on, but the honey sample he brought back was supple and DEHLICIOUS!!

Fresh Honey

We wanted to savor the flavor of this honey without diluting it, so we drizzled it over some almond homemade crepes HE made! I don’t have his kitchen skills on crepes. Melt in your mouth goodness. We added a spoonful of freshly whipped cream and gave a deep happy sigh of contentment.


Fresh Honey Crepes

Island life is all about simplicity and the sharing of love and well made food. Wild life is plentiful here with nature singing the happiest songs in the wind and through the trees to help in that awesome work to be done. Sometimes you even get to actually TASTE the beauty of that (bee and hubby) work.

Finished Honey

If you ever have the chance to visit this island, give yourself the gift of trying some local honey. You will never go back to the stuff in the bear bottle. Incomparable!

Are you packing yet!! ๐Ÿ™‚

6 thoughts on “Hubby Honey Collections

  1. We are going to take this as a very sweet invitation to meet you on the island someday!
    My children and I love raw honey and honey combs. Cannot eat the processed stuff at all…
    We will have to bring you some homemade cocoa sticks to go with your honey… Hugs, Skye

  2. Love me some pure honey. You make it sound sooo tempting, I want to jump up now and get me a spoonful. LOL
    I will have to compare Crucian honey with Virginia honey that I get here.
    Your husband is a keeper.
    Luv this

  3. Sounds divine! Is it a long/hard process to get honey from a hive? Do you have to process it at all, or just scoop it out? And I love that your husband not only brought home forest fresh honey, but then also made the crepes! Sounds like a keeper!!

    1. He is definitely a keeper, Malorie!! The process I leave to him. I am the end user! lol. But he is so very good at it. He sometimes handles them without his suit. It is simply beautiful to behold.

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