2017 First Post

It has been a while. It has been QUITE a while! Life has been immense in the past year. A series of heartbreaking personal challenges and seriously busy days left me with little to no creative energy. But there is nothing more healing than art. Writing, photography, blogging, cooking are the things that breathe LIFE into my spirit.

So, I’ve dusted off my blog account, and I must say I like the feel of my fingers tapping away!! This year’s first post is fittingly a Ramble! A tiny slow start to remind me why I started blogging in the first place–to share the agricultural and cooking creativity of my Rock!

A few days ago, I sent out a call on Facebook asking if anyone had some local Basil/Balsam for a Bush Tea Cheesecake I planned to make. It made sense that my friend Frandelle Gerard would be the first to answer. She said, “Come meet me up at the Frederiksted Community Garden and I will pick you some!”


It was late in the day and I hadn’t had a lunch break yet, so I decided to use my time and head over. What a gift!!


The community has put such effort into the garden. Neatly piled rows of pineapples, and basil, and Kallaloo bush, and a million varieties of various fruits and vegetables kept side by side company. Frandelle chatted me up about the way the surrounding community has embraced the land and the goodness it brings. It’s not just in terms of fruits and vegetables, but in pride and ownership and accomplishment.ย She said the Frederiksted Community Garden is looking for people to take control of various parcels to cultivate.


The garden is an oasis sandwiched between an unfinished church to the left, the entrance to Frederiksted town on the far right, Marley Housing Community at its rear, and the glistening sunshine stained sea in the great beyond! Oh, man, it was beautiful!! I took a few photos of us out there to share a glimpse with you. There is so much being done with food on our tiny island. And I am too glad to bear witness.

If you are onisland and interested in learning more, you can visit their FB Page Frederiksted Community Garden or email them at info@chantvi.org. I hope you are having a wonderful Crucian Day wherever you are in the world!

The Crucian Contessa


21 thoughts on “2017 First Post

  1. Welcome back and here’s to hoping 2017 will be a great year for you. Your art, your words, your passion about food, life and that beloved rock keep my dreams alive.

  2. Happy New Year! I was sitting here browsing the internet when I thought I heard your familiar voice! It’s good to read your words again. Good to see a smiling face. Good to read about Crucian food. Peace, love, friends, happiness and food to you!

  3. You have been missed! So happy to have you back!! My very best wishes for a healthy 2017 filled with love, peace, joy, great food, wonderful music and art to feed your soul. <3

  4. Good to hear from you. I Use sweet basil to make bush tea with bay leaf, lemon grass and stevia.
    Is the basil down there different that up in Florida. What is Kallaloo bush.

  5. Happy New all God blessing continue to post your great dishes but I would live the recipes to the post..waiting on more of your wonderful dishes.

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