Contessa Passion Fruit Lime & Honey Sweet Tea

Even though we don’t have seasons on the island as visually dramatic as those in the Northern parts of the States, we do feel the changes of the seasons quarterly. None more so than the switch between Winter/Spring and Summer.  A cool winter evening is so appreciated when compared to the cover-kicking-off heat of a summer night.

On the island your body, more than your eyes, tells you that the seasons are changing. This is especially so, when summer shows up in all its warm, trade wind-cooled glory! Read More

Contessa Honey Sorrel

One of my favorite drinks on the island is named after the Sorrel plant! A deep crimson, succulent, thistled-flower that when boiled becomes a true elixir. A vivacious and alive flower that adores the sun and flourishes easily around the island. It reminds you with each sip that you are drinking in nature’s reflection of sun, water, and earth.

Sorrel is traditionally served as a Christmas drink. However, it is easily enjoyed year round, as the flowers are available. I infuse mine with wild local honey to match the flowery undertones of the sorrel. Feel free to sweeten yours to taste. The spices and flavorings are nicely balanced in this scarlet drink. This recipe is for a relatively small batch, so double or triple it to serve more people.

Everyone has their own version, this is mine.

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Contessa Cocoa Tea


I can still remember the quizzical look that would cross my college friends faces on the mainland when I would ask for “Cocoa Tea” in the cafeteria.

“You mean hot chocolate?” They would correct.

No, I meant Cocoa Tea!

Cocoa Tea is a warm delicious chocolate morning drink that is a far distant cousin to the pre-packaged, marshmallow-ed versions I had in the States. It’s made traditionally on chocolate producing islands like St. Lucia and Dominica, but it is also sparingly locally grown and made here on St. Croix. Someone must LOVE you, if they share a cup of cocoa tea with you! Read More

Coconut Milk…

I am a coconut milk fanatic. Coconut or coconut milk sneaks its way into almost everything I make–from the savory to the sweet. It is just the most luxurious of foods. I try as much as possible to use the fresh hand made version, because I am always concerned about the BPA in canned foods. And it really is extremely simple to make. Read More