Taste of St. Croix 2015

The Annual Taste of St. Croix was on April 16th at the Divi Carina Bay Resort on our little Rock–St. Croix. If I said I had a wonderful time sampling food and decorating cakes and meeting old and new foodie friends it would be beyond an understatement. There are times I would just like to share a few pictures and let them speak for themselves. I think I might do that on this post. Just a beautiful time! Read More

Contessa Honey Lime and Sesame Dressing


Wild Crucian Honey is a thing of elemental beauty. Depending on when you are able to source it, you can pick out the notes of all the wild fruits and flowers the bees feasted on to make their sacred food. One of my favorite people on the island is my friend Sam Grey. On a recent trip to my house for brunch with his beautiful family, he gave me a tiny jar of honey he had gathered from his own hive. I must confess, I was downright stingy with my bottle of wild honey. Even my husband got only the tiniest traces of it. It is that good!  Then another one of my favorite people Wanda Wright shared with me a bottle of her locally made Honey Vinegar. I had never had honey vinegar, and wasn’t sure what I would do with it, but I knew when I bought it a recipe would come. This recipe is the synthesis of all that food sharing. Sesame, Lime, and Local Honey all bring their complex flavor components to this incredibly simple brew of a dressing! Read More


October 18th was definitely a two-in-one kind of day!! First Tastespotting chose my Avocado Egg Rolls recipe, then my other favorite site Foodista picked it up and highlighted it!! It really brings me joy to see the foods we grow right here on our little Rock highlighted and celebrated! Big Smiles, even if a bit late in posting!!

Here is what I shouted on my FB page about this true honor!! “Food bloggers know how notoriously difficult it is to get one of their photos on Tastespotting.com! Well, today they accepted one of my photographs!! What a wonderful surprise!! :)” 

Avocado Egg Rolls!!!