Vanilla Sugar

When I think of the word Vanilla, the word warm walks into my mind and sits right next to it.

Vanilla is anything but just vanilla.Try various types of vanilla, and you can taste that each kind is just slightly different. With each taste, other words like spicy, bold, or mild will join the vanilla table in your mind. Read More

Papaya Perfection


The papaya is probably the most perfect fruit! Look at that perfect star nature gave it, as some kind of natural approval of its importance. It grows easily in the island sun, and its scent just tempts you to find something wonderful to do with it. The local birds love it too. On the island, it is a huge competition between man and beast, as to who will get the first bite (or peck) of this sweet fruit! In the day time the Thrush Bird attacks, and at night the Fruit Bats take their turn. Its the lucky person who can harvest it at just the right moment! Read More

Big Leaf Thyme


This large leaf plant grows wild on the island. It is a sweet-smelling plant that is referred to as “Big Leaf Thyme”. It makes its way into everything from Tea to more importantly “Seasoning.” Every household has its own “seasoning” variation. But almost all include this plant as a base flavor.

Dominican Nutmeg

Somehow the words Mmmmmm… and Nut-mmmmm-eg, just seem to go hand in hand. It is a heady, warm, and fragrant spice that grows on many islands in the Caribbean.  This is what real nutmeg looks like. Forget the ground, store-bought nutmeg. This is the only way to go!  The three in this picture are from Dominica –another island in the Caribbean archipelago.

The lacy reddish bands that surround the exterior coating are yet another spice called “mace”.  If you look closely, you can see the impressions the mace carved onto the surface of the hardened nut. Gorgeous natural etchings! Read More