Contessa Aebleskivers

I recently appeared on one of our local radio talk shows “Beyond Empowerment”. It is hosted by one of my favorite people on our little Rock, Charlene Springer. We talked for a full half hour about food, and the love of crafting foods, and the importance of it for our island’s economic growth.

Right at the end of the program, she whispered faintly a word that in all my culinary curiosities I never heard uttered. I didn’t understand what she said, so I asked her to repeat it. But before she did, she closed her eyes, smiled a brilliant flash of white contentment, and breathed the word out once more, “Aebleskivers“. From that reaction alone, my spirit understood, that I didn’t know what it was, but I wanted to!! Read More

Soursop & Lime Granita

Yes, there can be absolutely no doubt that it is summer! The line of demarcation for the seasons on St. Croix is not a visual one, but a physical one. Your body recognizes the intensity of the summer sun before your eyes start to understand that the lush landscape is now drying. Then the thirst sets in, and all you physically crave are ways to beat the heat and cool down. This is one of my favorite summer time “Cool Down” treats. Read More

“Auntie Katie” Cake

This is a version of my favorite Aunt Katie’s cake. She never actually used semolina in her version of this simple plain cake, but it was the only addition I knew to get that same corny texture that reminded me so much of her actual cake. It was usually served practically right out of the oven warm. Its buttery lightness and a super tender crumb, were held precariously in place by a craggy exterior texture.

The fragrant headiness of the nutmeg competed for a while with the vanilla and almond extracts that flavor this cake.  This is simply my favorite cake. Basic, down-to-earth, and stirring, just like the lovely human spirit who created and shared it with me as a child.

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