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  1. Loved this website! Can you please post about the best way to cook banana fritters please!! Congrats on a really neat website!

  2. Hi CC,

    My website is currently under construction. I currently live in North Carolina, however a native
    Crucian. You are the Contessa and I am the Queen 🙂 I came across your blog and is loving it.
    I wanted to know where can I find a Aebleskivers pan? I have started a catering company here
    and really enjoy your take on the freshness of ingredients. Is there anyone on the Island who
    harvests and ships our Island fruits, etc??? Your help would be appreciated in trying to keep our
    culture alive and well in the Mountains. We are on Facebook:CrucianYumCatering,LLC and you can follow us on Twitter @crucianyum. Thanks!

    1. Hello Queen CrucianYum! 🙂 So glad to know that there are Crucians doing wonderful things in the kitchen all across the country!! I purchased my aebelskiver pan on Amazon.com. I prefer cast iron so I chose one I knew was made of a solid build. But there are tons of different types for different types of stovetops. Take a look and see which one you think will work best for you! If you do make any, please post some pictures on the FB site! I would love to see how it turned out for you! 🙂

      Crucian Contessa!

  3. Intrigued by your fascinating website but did not have much time to spend. I was searching for Aebleskiver recipes to use in my 10 year old cast iron pan also bought from Amazon. I liked your recipe as it used both yeast and sour cream as my mother did for her recipes (she was born in Slovakia in 1900) however you did not indicate amount for the sour cream. Please advise.


  4. I would love to get a recipe for Crucian Callaloo. My grandmother used to make it , and I haven’t cooked it in Years, so I am requesting it. Thanks for all the recipes on your website. Hope to hear from you.

    1. Hello Lori! Kallaloo. Real Kallaloo is a two day affair! Picking the right bush(es) and then preparing the soup itself. I have TWO friends of mine who keep promising to help me put it together. It’s just a matter of us finding the time. I will definitely keep it on my list of recipes to put together! Keep an eye out for it! And in the meantime keep sharing your thoughts and the blog! It is a labor of love. 🙂

  5. Good morning ~ following all of the news of happenings and hopings of the Caribbean since Irma and Maria.
    Are you okay ? Are your friends, family also okay ?

    Would love to hear from you regarding this and what WE can do from up here to help you all & PR.

    Please post ,,,
    Blessings, love and hugs from your ” neighbors ” on the bigger ‘island’ in Iowa .

    ps . working w/the Lab I Distribute for in Caribbean to make those ” chocolate rolls’ for you … will holler when I succeed.

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