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So, the dangers of being a blogger and a lawyer is that there are times when life becomes so busy that you don’t blog for a considerable period of time. Has it really been that long? For those of you who kept checking in to see what new kitchen happenings I created THANK YOU! And for new friends and readers also THANK YOU! If you really enjoy the recipes you can subscribe! That way you can be notified whenever a new post arrives. I decided to share when I have something shareworthy and my schedule permits. This is my passion! Deadlines are the death of passion. So PLEASE sign up! Also, if you “Like” this on Facebook, you will get to see more kitchen happenings that don’t necessarily make it to the blog.

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Ok, all the admin issues aside, this week’s post is what I call a “Broken Promise” post. I promised that I would find other tropical flavors besides my all time favorite Passion Fruit and Coconut. Looking at my blog, I see where my obsession has taken root, and we have SO many more flavors to share like guava, passion fruit, mango, passion fruit, lime, passion fruit…. Ok, so I adore passion fruit! BUT this weeks post is actually the result of a perfect storm… a literal trifecta of components.

Recently, the Virgin Islands celebrated the entry of local Jockey Kevin Krigger into the Kentucky Derby! We were all so proud of Kevin! So, for the first time in my life, I actually sat down and watched the Kentucky Derby perched on the edge of my seat and cheering at the top of my lungs for him to win! Then our locally made Cruzan Rum came out with a new flavor, Passion Fruit!! So, in honor of my love of Passion Fruit, Kevin Krigger’s historical entry into the Derby, and to celebrate the production of Cruzan’s newest highly anticipated flavor, this gem of an elixir was born. I hope you enjoy it. It is blazing with tropical flavors. And incredibly simple to make. I substituted my favorite sugar Piloncillo instead of plain old white sugar, because why waste a chance to infuse more flavor into this classic drink. Hints of lime and passion fruit hold hands with the sweetness of the passion fruit rum. A drink worthy of celebrating not only the next Derby but a cool summer refreshing treat! I don’t drink that much, and find the Julep to be a bit sweet as a drink (even this version), but you can spike it up with an additional¬† splash of fresh lime juice! I hope you enjoy it!

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1/2 cup water

1/2 cup Piloncillo

1 Lime zested and juiced

1 Passion Fruit

1/4 Cup Passion Fruit Cruzan Rum

5-6 Mint Leaves

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Slice the piloncillo¬† with a serrated knife, this will make it easier to dissolve. If you don’t have piloncillo, plain white sugar will do. Pour the water over it and bring to a simmer just until the sugar is completely dissolved.

Add the pulp of one passion fruit and stir to infuse. You can add more if you really want to punch up the flavor!

Stir for about two minutes then let cool until it comes to room temperature.

Then place five or six mint sprigs, the zest of the lime, and the lime juice itself in the pan and let it sit overnight.

The next day, assemble the julep by loading a cup with as much ice as it can possibly bear.

Pour 2 tablespoons of the sugar syrup over the ice. Add the rum, and savor!

This is a variation on a classic recipe for mint juleps that I found. But it feels a bit cloyingly sweet to me, and I craved more acid. You can squeeze a fresh cut lime over it to overcome some of with the sweetness!


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