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It seems like all at once all the fruit on the island have erupted into beautiful celestial ripening. Carambolas, Sugar Apples, Limes, and Guavas all competing for your attention, begging you to find something interesting to do with them. This week’s post is a simple recipe for how to make one of my favorite fruits, the Guava, into a juice! The guava is a succulent fruit. Words like juicy, tart, and sweet begin to offer some description, but this is one fruit you have to taste for yourself to fully understand the simple yet oh-so-complex flavor!

This recipe is purposely imprecise. It really is all to taste. How sweet or how thick you enjoy this juice is completely up to you. Guava juice is not like orange or pineapple, it has a very thick consistency. I like it thicker,  that allows me to thin it later if I prefer.  Also, the guavas I had were smaller and younger and not as “meaty” as more mature guavas. So, I didn’t peel the skin or seed them. I just sliced them and used my blender to mince it, straining the seeds out at the end.



1 Pound of Fresh Guavas
6 Cups of Water
A small pinch of Salt
2/3 Cup of Sugar (or to taste)
2 Limes, Juiced


Slice the guavas into quarters. If they are older or bigger guavas you can peel the skin and seed it to use just the shells. If you do it that way, then you can skip the final step of straining for the seeds.

Add the water, sugar, salt, and lime juice and puree until completely ground.

Strain the mixture through a fine sieve, if it is too thick you can always add some more water.

Adjust sweetness to your taste by adding more or less sugar.

Pour a cool refreshing glass and ENJOY!!

Guava Juice

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