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Happiness. It feels like someone stuck a handful of sunshine way down into your spirit and let  the warmth of it build and spread up to find a place on your face called your lips that curl and bend into a deep unchanging smile for hours! That’s just a little bit of how I felt when I saw the FIVE page spread that Delicious Living Magazine gave to Crucian Contessa!

Delicious Living Magazine is the premier health and fitness magazine in the country! They have over 1 Million readers and their magazine is sold in major health food grocery store chains like Whole Foods, where I KNOW you can pick up a copy of this February’s issue! Jane Watkins of the Watkins PR Firm e-introduced me to the folks at Delicious Magazine. They asked me to adapt some of my recipes so they could feature the beauty that is the culinary creativity of our little Rock! And my answer was a resounding YES!! WHAT A GIFT!!

They brought my recipes to life with their beautiful images and shared a piece of that happy Crucian sunshine food with their readers! My hope is that the article and the recipes inspire you this New Year to do the same. Food is not just what is on the page of a recipe. It is a manifestation of the heart. Something you give to yourself and to others from a place of love. Let that love feed your intuition in the kitchen!  You CAN cook!  Let that intuition let you “own” a recipe–adapt it, modify it, bend and shape it to what YOUR tastes and health needs prefer. As it is in the kitchen, it is in life. TRUST your (kitchen) wisdom! It always rewards curiosity!


I started this food blog about three years ago, and it is such a blessing to watch it grow organically. The best part of my day is when someone writes, “I LOVE this blog!!”  All they said and all I heard was the word “love”. Something I wrote and sent out to the world brought “love” and “joy” to someone I’ve never met. Wow. THAT IS THE GIFT OF FOOD BLOGGING!! My spirit is full this morning, fat and gorged on pure pride and happiness–the kind that radiates up and out from the creativity of your soul! 

Extra thanks to Jane Watkins of Watkins PR and to Elissa Bosley the Editor-In-Chief at Delicious. I think there might be some cocoa tea in their futures!


I’ll let you know when my feet touch the ground again! I plan to stay up in these joyful clouds for juuuuuust a little bit longer! I hope you are having a WONDERFUL Crucian Day wherever you are in the world!! 

16 thoughts on “Delicious Living Magazine!!!

  1. This is so friggin cool! I’m so happy for you & so proud & honored to say we graduated from high school together. Your blog rocks!

  2. Congratulations! A well deserved honour!! I was made aware of your blog by my cousin, Howard O’Neal, who is originally from St. Croix ( I’m from Virgin Gorda/Tortola) He posted your recipe for beef pates on his Facebook page and I was sold just on the photograph of them. For many years I’ve been trying to find recipes from at home unsuccessfully now, finally, I’ve found what I’ve been in search of; true, really good recipes of food from , not just the Caribbean but specifically the Virgin Islands! Oh joy!! Conch stew, beef pates, johnny cakes!!! What??? I’ve hit the jack pot! Thank you so much. Keep doing what you’re doing. If you could post a recipe for potato pudding ( the one with sweet potato, pumpkin, coconut, black pepper, vanilla esscence ) that my Grannie use to make every Christmas, I will be a fan for life!

  3. Whoa! Your wings and recipes have stretched and wrapped around the globe! Awesome! I hope you are inspired to more great things! #proudtoknowyou

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