Contessa Mint Carambola Juice

It is summer! And all the trees seem to be erupting into fertile, unending, fruit season all at once! The bees are out busy collecting fruit nectar from all the fruit flowers that hold promises for future fruit harvests. For me there is nothing more satisfying on a hot summer day than the simplicity of crunching my way into a cooling bite of Carambola. 

Second to that feeling is the one that comes from slowly savoring a mint-spiked cup of Carambola Juice.  Hints of mint, banana essence, and lime work with the natural carambola flavors, and allow the subtlety of the Carambola to really shine through. The mint flavor here is very subtle. You can puree the mint with the carambola to release even more of the flavor. I prefer it more in the background and simply muddle it with a spoon.

This is one of my favorite ways to access the celestial flavor of the Star Fruit! It is a quietly flavored drink.  With every sip, the thermometer seems to go just a bit lower!


10 Carambola Fruits (See: Carambola/Star Fruit)

5 Cups Water

3/4 Cup (Evaporated Cane) Sugar

A few drops of Banana Essence

2-3 Limes Juiced

A small palmful of fresh Mint Leaves


In a large pitcher add sugar, lime juice, banana essence, and mint and set aside. Banana essence is very strong, so a little goes a very long way. Just a couple drops will do. You can add a bit more if you’d like, but be careful with it.

In a blender add the sliced Carambolas, five cups of water and blend until pureed.

Take a sieve and strain the mash, pressing out as much of the juice as possible. Add enough of the juice to the sugar mixture to  loosen it up a bit. With a wooden spoon, try to bruise as many of the mint leaves as possible to help release its flavor. Then add the remaining juice, and stir until the sugar is dissolved.

You can remove the mint leaves or leave them. Add more or less water to your liking. This is a simple juice recipe, and it is truly all to your taste.

Serve over ice and enjoy!!


2 thoughts on “Contessa Mint Carambola Juice

  1. Just made this but used half mango juice as I didn’t have enough carambola. Divine!I’m also going to add rum a little later 🙂

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